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Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute Certified   Certified by the National Concrete Masonry Association

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Paver Walkways, Driveways and Patios

Interlocking paver blocks can be used for a variety of purposes and applications in your hardscape. The combination of block styles, colors, and an assortment of possible patterns allows Integrity Hardscapes to design and install unique, yet appropriate, custom hardscape elements.

Benefits of using Pavers

  • Pavers don't crack - unlike asphalt or poured-in-place concrete, each unit has joints that allow for a small amount of movement without cracking.
  • Pavers are easy to repair - remove and reinstate the same pavers with no ugly patches after repairs to the base or underground utilities. Asphalt, concrete, and stamped concrete can't make this claim.
  • Pavers resist deterioration - pavers react better to freeze-thaw cycles and deicing salts better than asphalt and ordinary poured-in-place concrete. Snow removal with pavers is the same as with other pavements - just plow, shovel or use a snow blower.
  • Diversity - pavers come in many shapes, textures and colors. There are also many pattern designs available. Suppliers stock everything from rustic stone-like pavers to those that look like clay brick.

 *Tip: Light colored pavers offer a cooler surface around patios and pool decks