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Paver Pattern Ideas
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Paver Pattern Ideas

While there is a vast variety of paving patterns available, with an equally unlimited number of color combinations, there are a few common patterns customers choose. Decisions about paver laying patterns are determined by two main factors being:

  1. Overall formality of the design - When choosing a paver laying pattern, keep in mind the emphasis or attention created by certain patterns. The general rule of thumb is that laying pavers at a 45° angle to the lines of your house will draw attention to the area. The angle may also create the effect of making the space look smaller. In this situation, it would be more visually appealing if the pattern was laid at a 90° angle to the lines of your home.
  2. Cost considerations - Every time a paver has to be cut, the laying costs will increase dramatically both for the time involved and the additional waste of materials.

Paver Pattern Ideas 

1 - 90 Degree Herringbone 2 - 45 Degree Herringbone 3 - Basket Weave 4 - Stretch Bond
The 90° herringbone pattern has the ability to blend into existing paving and have a natural flow to other sections of the house.

The 45° herringbone pattern is becoming increasingly popular in feature outdoor living space as the pattern works well with stand-out borders and edging. It is a busy pattern to choose so it will definitely be noticed.

Basket Weave pattern is best suited to old world English landscaping themes. A regular grid pattern looks great in formal designs and will have the least waste (as low as 5%).

The Stretcher Bond or Stretch Bond pattern is a side-by-side style of paving. It is the plainest of all paving patterns, but it has the illusional effect of seeming narrower or wider depending on the direction in which it is laid. If you position the pavers so that their length runs along the length of the path it will look longer. On the other hand if you want a path to look wider in a Stretch Bond pattern, lay them perpendicular to the length of the path. Stretcher bond patterns are good for a less formal design where it is not desirable for the eye to be strongly led. The pavers tend to look more rectangular and it is also the best pattern for coping with gentle curves. Choosing the right paver size will minimize cutting but waste will still be at least 7%.

 Custom Paver Patterns

custom_1 custom_2 custom_3 custom_4
Now that we've shown you the most common and cost effective of design patterns, we'd like to show you some of the more complex or "custom" designs we offer. These patterns will produce more waste and be more time consuming to produce, but the long term effects of these designs will outweigh the initial cost for years to come.  

Remember, these are just some of the patterns Integrity Hardscapes offers. Integrity Hardscapes will help you choose a pattern and layout that will compliment your existing landscape while remaining within your given budget. For more paver pattern ideas please visit our portfolio.