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  • Excavating
  • Topsoil, Sod, Rock & Mulch
  • Dumpster / Container Services
  • Water / Drainage Problems
  • Pools, Water Features & Aquascapes
  • Rough Grading / Final Grading

Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute Certified   Certified by the National Concrete Masonry Association

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Getting to Know Your Contractor

As a conscientious home or business owner, you want assurance that the contractor you hire will do a quality job. Investing in a landscape or hardscape to improve the look of your home or business can become costly. It can become even more costly if you don't have it done correctly the first time by a qualified hardscaping contractor.

Cheaper estimates usually mean workmanship and materials are being compromised, especially in the base preparation, a part of the job no one sees, but in the end it is the most important part of the job. Improper preparation of base material will result in uneven settling, complete failure of the interlocking system and will not stand the loads of vehicular traffic. Integrity Hardscapes is a certified installer with Cambridge Pavers and the Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute (ICPI). This means we have taken courses and passed tests in order to be "certified". We have years of experience, an endless list of references, and a portfolio other hardscapes contractors wish they had.

Just knowing something about a contractor isn't enough. In order to ensure a quality installation you should ask questions of the contractor like:

  • How long have you been installing pavers?
  • Have they been trained by a manufacturer or by the ICPI?
  • Do they have a written certificate?
  • What percentage of their total business consists of installing concrete pavers?
  • Will they provide you with three references, not only recent ones, but from past jobs?
  • Can you contact their references and inspect completed jobs?
  • Do they have a portfolio of photos and letters to qualify themselves?
  • Do they have a current liability insurance certificate?
  • Do they install the job per ICPI specifications?
  • Do they provide a written, itemized proposal outlining the scope of the work and terms of payment? It should include start and completion dates, demolition and excavation, base and paving material.
  • Do they guarantee their work? How long?